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Off-the-Rack Suiting

Custom Ready-Made Men's Suits & Dress Shirts

To accommodate our customers' needs for a total wardrobe resource, we have created a very exciting ready-made selection that will be fitted on you at your office or home, altered and delivered (also to your office).

For most men, and for many decades, the suit was just considered a uniform. Sure, there are numerous exceptions to that, but for just about five days a week the suit was strictly something to be worn to work.

Largely, the reason for that was price. We have listened to our clients throughout the years and now, thanks to the great imagination of certain designers, Kopplin's is able to offer ready-made garments that meet all our clients' needs:

  • The same styles and luxurious fabrics found in all the famous department stores
  • Suits which are reasonably priced
  • Suits with a fashion statement
  • Kopplin's suits which have a great wool-silk feel, but are restrained in style (for those who wish to avoid showiness.)

The features & benefits of our ready-made suits:

  • Constructed using similar techniques that go in to the manufacturing of custom-made.
  • Made at the finest manufactures in the world, including Italy, Canada, USA.
  • The jacket's lapels and collars have hundreds more stitches then the average ready-made suit bought in America. This allows the garments to keep their shape intact through all weathers, fair or foul.
  • Most of our fabrics are made with thread counts of Super 100's and up.
  • Alterability. All ready-made garments are alterable so you will have a consistent fit for the lifetime of the clothing, even if you gain or lose weight.
  • All of our ready made suits and pants are lined to the knee.
  • No charge for alterations.